Curriculum Learning At ISM

The International School of Myanmar has a standards-based, student-centered,and inquiry driven curriculum. Our framework extends beyond subject-area content standards, to include community service , creative arts, sports and experiential learning opportunities – all of which are integral to ISM's holistic education. Teachers use a unit planning process to set clear goals and then personalize instruction to help all students achieve a deep understanding of each unit's core concepts. Student learning comes first.

External testing indicates that ISM has become a highly competitive international school. Students from Grades 2-11 take part in a regular Measure of Academic Progress test (MAP), which tracks progress in the areas of reading, writing and mathematical literacy. Many students in Grade 10, 11 and 12 choose to enroll in one or several of the Advanced Placement courses offered at ISM.

While university placement and external measures of academic success are useful indicators of the rigor of our curriculum and instruction, it is only in speaking with students and observing them as athletes, volunteers, actors, writers, musicians, scientists and friends that the richness of an ISM education can be understood.

Thank you for your interest in ISM's curriculum. Whether you are a current or prospective member of our community, we invite you to take some time to become familiar with ISM's Mission, Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) ,Principles of Learning, and Standards & Benchmarks.