The ISM Curriculum Framework is a four-part structure of all teacher and student engagement in pursuit of instructional best practice, high-order learning and high-quality assessments. The subject-area contents within the framework are purposefully designed, implemented, reflected upon and systematically documented by ISM teachers in order to preserve and constantly improve high-quality STANDARDS REFERENCED teaching, learning and assessing.

This curriculum framework consists of the GUIDING PRINCIPLES that drive all operations of ISM; THE MACRO FRAMEWORK of pedagogical beliefs and system of overreaching learning targets; THE YEARLONG CONTENT MAP of instructional standards and the MICRO FRAMEWORK (units) of the day-to-day collaborative encounters of teaching and learning.

The Guiding Principles, The Macro Framework, and the Yearlong Content Maps are institutional and permanent. These are ISM's intended curriculum and must be preserved and upheld by all ISM stakeholders at all times. The Micro Framework is the living and operational curriculum of ISM. This is where the program is adjusted in order to meet the changes in school or subject-area context; but most of all, in order to address the different levels and learning readiness of every ISM student.

Substantial change in the structure and contents of the curriculum framework may occur through the course of strategic planning, curriculum review cycle and/or a broad agreement among ISM faculty, the curriculum and assessment committee and the leadership team. Once consensus is reached through a determined process, the school director issues a directive.