Admissions Overview

Selecting a school is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. To find out if the International School of Myanmar is the right fit for your child, please browse the ISM website, read the Expected School Wide Learning Results, visit the school, and talk with ISM's students, parents, and teachers. You will find that ISM is a vibrant and welcoming community of learners!

The International School of Myanmar welcomes students of any nationality, religion, or ethnicity. In all our decisions, we keep the student and cohort's best interest in mind. The successful ISM applicant meets the age requirement, is prepared to meet the demands of a highly academic program, and is motivated to actively participate in the school and serve the community. English language proficiency and/or mathematics testing is part of the regular admissions process.

Students will be admitted based upon the school's ability to meet their educational needs and if class space is available. ISM reserves the right to deny admissions to any student whose application does not meet the admissions requirements.