2017 - 2018 School Fees

The International School of Myanmar is a community of lifelong learners. Our students will acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in English speaking universities and to be caring, independent, productive and responsible citizens; ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Our mission means that at ISM, students do not merely memorize and repeat information gleaned from textbooks or lectures. Rather, ISM's curriculum strives to emphasize a genuine understanding of big concepts, our materials include a variety of sources and manipulative materials, and our assessments encourage students to take intellectual risks and transfer their understanding to real-life situations.


Please contact ISM for specific information on the 2017-2918 Fee Structure. Please select this link for contact information: www.ismyanmar.com/contact_us


Application fee of USD $100 per application must be paid in cash in Dollars at the Business Office located on the ground level of the middle school building.

* Oldest enrolled child charged at regular tuition fee rate. Each additional child receives the Enrollment Discount