Principal Welcome Letter

Welcome to the International School of Myanmar (ISM). ISM is a big learning community in every way. The teachers promote class and small group discussions. The students are invited through open-ended questioning strategies to think critically. The use of hands-on learning can be seen throughout the curriculum, science experiments, creative writing, base-ten blocks, paints, musical improvisation, reading workshops, ball games and many other meaningful learning tools.
We have Common Core and AERO standards. These standards will ensure that our students are being exposed to concepts in a logical progression (preschool through graduation). We have ordered new teaching resources to enhance the learning and our teachers are up-skilling through professional development to ensure that your children receive the best education possible.
We look forward to knowing more about you. We want you to volunteer and be a part of your children’s journey of gaining knowledge and thinking logically. You are welcome to come to any of our Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) meetings to help you to be better informed and more involved.
We want you to feel comfortable in our community of learning. Together we will learn and grow. We are a team for your child’s development.
I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.
Clive Herde
(Elementary School Principal)