Welcome by the MS Principal

Dear Parents:

It is my pleasure, on behalf of all our staff, to welcome you to the Middle School page of the ISM website. In August of this year, the Middle School was relocated to the building that used to house the Elementary School and is proving to be an ideal home for us. In addition to spacious rooms with natural light and air, we have a brand new air conditioned Dining Hall, changing rooms with showers, a Theatre Lab and both a gym and field with ample space for PE, sports and free play.

The Middle School at ISM is comprised of four sections each of 6th, 7th and 8th grades. All the teachers note that the young people we are honored to be working with are respectful, kind, cooperative, productive and, importantly, fun and funny. They show confidence in sharing their ideas and are very willing to engage in collaborative endeavors. This quality is particularly important as it is a crucial skill in achieving several of our Expected School Wide Learning Results – if students are to be critical thinking effective communicators and self-directed learners, they must enter into discourse and brainstorming in group processes. Practice of these skills will secure future success in our rapidly changing world. As adult guides and learners ourselves, we strive to collaborate and to provide experiences that connect and integrate the traditional subject areas in school.

In addition to the core subjects of Humanities, Mathematics, Science and PE/Health our students have the opportunity to develop their creative skills and passions in Art, Music, Band, Choir, Computer Studies and Theatre. Even though the majority of students are English Language Learners, they are also introduced to French, Mandarin, Spanish and Myanmar Studies. After initial exploration in all these areas in 6th grade, students make elective choices in 7th and 8th grades, committing to two to four options. As they move on to High School, students have all the skills and confidence necessary for success.

Our strong and integrated academic program is further enhanced by a Week Without Walls providing the opportunity to pursue both curricular and extra curricular explorations in another part of the country. In the Middle School, we pride ourselves on our engagement in active Community Service projects. Many of our students are involved in teaching classes at our local government school, making visits to a boys' training school and to an orphanage, developing projects to beautify our neighborhood and teaching our own community about environmental responsibility. Our Middle School sports teams work hard and have fun and, also, have experienced many victories.

If you are interested in visiting the Middle School, either as a current or prospective parent, we welcome you and hope that you will spend a little time learning along with us.

Best Wishes,
Matt Leishman
Middle School Principal
Master of Arts in Administration and Curriculum, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
Bachelor of Arts in Education, Washington State University, Pullman Washington
International Principal Certificate, Principal Training Centre, Miami Florida
Certification: British Columbia Ministry of Education, Vancouver, British Columbia